Piano trios of the top flight have always also been partnerships between soloists of a special artistic calibre and appeal, for concert-goers just as much as for concert promoters. In the same way as this unwritten rule applied to the illustrious trios of the past (such as Cortot, Thibauld and Casals, or Páleníček, Plocek and Sádlo), so it applies to today's the SMETANA TRIO. The artists find a counterbalance to their solo work in the intimate world of chamber music, and are able to share a sense of emotional security with their audience away from the spotlight of solo performances.



 Jan PÁLENÍČEK -  cello   Jitka ČECHOVÁ - piano               

Last year, the 20-year anniversary of the duo of pianist Jitka Čechová and cellist Jan Páleníček was celebrated.

Their top art has been awarded many prestigious reviews by Czech and foreign critics in recent years. The music-loving public has shown them a warm favor for the entire duration of their work. Absolute musical fusion of souls, emotional charge and deep expressiveness of expression are emphasized in the interpretation of the remarkable artistic couple. From the rich well of the duo's repertoire, you can choose songs that have been highlighted many times on their recordings - Beethoven's sonatas, Brahms's sonatas, Rachmanin's sonatas, Martin's sonatas, and many other minor compositions by romantic and modern composers. Evenings are livened up by the accompanying word of the artists, showing the origin of the works and the personal view of the artist.

Jan Páleníček - cello

Leading Czech soloist and chamber musician, a bearer of a great family musical tradition, inspired by the life of pianist and composer Josef Páleníček, the founder of the Smetana Trio. The meeting with Paul Tortelier, the world-famous French cellist, was the highlight of Páleníček's artistic maturation. As a soloist he cooperates with leading Czech and foreign orchestras: eg Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra Ostrava, Lugano Festival Switzerland - Suk Chamber Orchestra, Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra, Pardubice Philharmonic Orchestra, Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, Brno State Philharmonic Orchestra, Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, Prague Philharmonia Olomouc Philharmonic and others. Chamber music is a matter of heart for Jan Páleníček. He is a member of the Smetana Trio together with violinist Jan Talich and pianist Jitka Čechová, who is also his partner in solo recitals. He has recorded more than two dozen CDs for Czech and foreign record companies, among which he has recorded the Dvořák Concerto in B minor and Tchaikovsky's Rococo Variations. From the chamber area, international recordings have been given to recordings of the complete work of S. Rachmaninov and B. Martinů. He worked as a teacher for many years at the Conservatory and Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Jitka Čechová - piano

After studying at the Conservatory and the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, she continued her music education with postgraduate studies with Eugen Indjic in Paris and Vitali Berzon in Freiburg. She gained further experience at the master classes of R. Kehrer in Weimar and L. Berman in Piešťany. Jitka Čechová won the laureate title in a number of international competitions. As a soloist, she is highly acclaimed by critics in many European countries and overseas, where she collaborates with major orchestras (FOK Symphony Orchestra, SWR Symphony Orchestra, Konstanz South German Philharmonic Orchestra, Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, Prague Philharmonia, Munich Symphony Orchestra) and performs solo chamber music. programs. She is regularly invited to major music scenes and festivals (Prague Spring, Graz, Paris, Alte Oper Frankfurt, Baden - Baden, Bodensee Festival, Cesky Krumlov, Moravian Autumn, Edinburgh, Bamberg, Janacek May, Ticino Musica). For Jitka Čechová, chamber music is one of the indispensable components of her musical identity. She is a member of the Smetana Trio together with violinist Jan Talich and cellist Jan Páleníček, whom she also accompanies at cello recitals. Jitka Čechová has recorded a number of CD recordings with Intercord, BMG, Lotos, Cube. She also recorded a complete recording of Bedrich Smetana's piano works (8 CDs) for Supraphon.